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Phytoplasma diseases of Palms

Yankey E.N., Bila J., Rosete Y.A., Oropeza C., Pilet F.. 2018. In : Rao Govind Pratap (ed.), Bertaccini Assunta (ed.), Fiore Nicola (ed.), Liefting Lia W. (ed.). Phytoplasmas: Plant pathogenic bacteria - I Characterisation and epidemiology of phytoplasma - Associated diseases. Cham : Springer, p. 267-285.

DOI: 10.1007/978-981-13-0119-3_9

Palms are native to tropical and subtropical areas of the world and con-tribute to the ecology and economy of many countries. Phytoplasmas which are cell-wall-less prokaryotes are associated with diseases of significant economic importance to palms worldwide. The diseases are vectored by insects, such as Haplaxius crudus, which transmits the lethal yellowing phytoplasma in Florida. In other places, such as in Africa, the vectors have so far been elusive, although puta-tive vectors have been identified. Management of these palm diseases relies on inte-grated approaches involving the use of resistant materials and cultural methods such as early detection and removal of affected palms. The gaps in the present knowledge of the diseases provide excellent opportunities for further research on these enig-matic plant pathogens.

Mots-clés : arecaceae; cocos nucifera; phytoplasme; taxonomie; vecteur de maladie; floride; jamaïque; mexique; mozambique; ghana; république-unie de tanzanie; colombie; inde; arabie saoudite; koweït; soudan; jaunissement mortel

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