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Single and bundle cotton fibers testing; Friction component

Mahjoub W., Harzallah O., Gourlot J.P., Dréan J.Y.. 2018. Istanbul : s.n.. AUTEX World Textile Conference. 18, 2018-06-20/2018-06-22, Istanbul (Turquie).

Among the many properties of cotton fibers, mechanical ones are the most important indicators to select the proper fibers for specified textile end use applications. Either the single cotton fibers properties or the spun yarn ones are related not only to their tensile properties, but also to the time dependent ones such as the creep and the stress relaxation. In this paper, two methods of cotton fibers testing are presented: single fibers and bundles. Three different types of cotton fibers were studied, having different physical properties (maturity, fineness, micronaire, length, tenacity etc.). We show that the creep behavior of cotton fibers can be assimilated to a Voigt model in series with a spring and that the difference in the behavior between the single fibers and bundles is related to the inter-fiber friction.

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