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Public policies that promote agroecology and organic agriculture in Latin America

Le Coq J.F., Patrouilleau M.M., Sabourin E., Niederle P.A.. 2018. In : Preiss Potira V. (ed.), Schneider Sergio (ed.). Conference proceeding of the 3rd International Conference on Agriculture and Food in an Urbanizing Society: Healthy food, socio-biodiversity, and sustainable agrifood systems: innovations from consumption to production. Porto Alegre : UFRGS, p. 152-152. International Conference on Agriculture and Food in an Urbanizing Society. 3, 2018-09-17/2018-09-21, Porto Alegre (Brésil).

This paper deals with public policies and public actions that promote agroecology in Latin America and the Caribbean. In this context, agroecology is considered as an alternative agri-food system to face the social, health and environmental problems caused by the conventional agricultural system. Public policy instruments and an enabling institutional environment are essential to support the development of agroecology. However, the institutionalization of this concept and its integration into public policies represents a very hard challenge in Latin America. In the academic field, few studies have analyzed the processes of construction of policies for agroecology. Results presented here are derived from a regional comparison carried out between 2016 and 2017 by the Public Policies and Rural Development Network in Latin America (

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