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Coupled effect of feedstock and pyrolysis temperature on biochar as soil amendment

Kajina W., Rousset P.. 2018. Belintung : s.n., 5 p.. IC-STAR 4.0: "Interdisciplinary research enhancement for industrial revolution 4.0". 4, 2018-08-29/2018-08-30, Belintung (Indonésie).

Thailand is an agricultural country based. A strategy to use biomass is to produce biochar which has original properties that make it a valuable soil amendment. This study investigated the effect of pyrolysis temperatures (350 and 550 °C) using difference types of biomass, including coconut shell, eucalyptus, and sugar cane. The link between biochar properties and its function as soil fertilizer is used to give a definition for biochar quality. Results shown the highest surface area and pore volume were found for coconut shell at 550°C. Biochar pH values were all alkaline whatever the temperature. The first indication of the suitability of soil fertilizer is the nutrient content which has been found the highest for sugar cane at 350°C. The highest ratio (P+K):N, the better the release of the nutrient content. Finally, biochar quality will be driven by raw materials and pyrolysis conditions.

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