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Nanopore-based detection and characterization of plant viruses. [P.14]

Filloux D., Fernandez E., Roumagnac P.. 2019. In : Livre des résumés des 17 ème Rencontres de virologie végétale. Aussois : INRA, p. 73-73. Rencontres de Virologie Végétale (RVV 2019). 17, 2019-01-27/2019-01-31, Aussois (France).

Ultra-long read, single-molecule Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencers are beginning to be used to both reliably detect and accurately sequence nearly full-length plant virus genomes. The MinION has recently proved efficient for detecting plant virus genomes, including the detection of maize streak virus, maize yellow mosaic virus and maize totivirus in maize plants [1] plum pox virus in plum plants [2] and Dioscorea bacilliform virus, yam mild mosaic virus and yam chlorotic necrosis virus (YCNV) in yam plants [3]. In this latter study, we have shown that consensus sequences of YCNV whether obtained by de novo assembly or by mapping of the MinION reads to a reference genome were >99.8% identical to the Sanger-derived sequence of this virus. In addition, we have developed recently a novel protocol that uses multiplex identifier tagged primers and provides in a single MinION run, partial or complete genomes of several positive-sense single-strand polyadenylated RNA plant viruses.1. Adams et. Al. bioRxiv 2017, 161489.2. Bronzato Badial et al. Plant Disease. 2018, 102, 1648-1652.3. Filloux et al. Scientific Reports 2018, In Press.

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