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Tree mortality and Extreme Rainfall in the Amazon

Negron Juarez R.I., Magnabosco Marra D., Jenkins H.S., Fonseca Aleixo I., Barbosa A., Derroire G., Holm J., Herault B., Rutishauser E., Burban B., Bonal D., Christianson D.S., Faybishenko B., Matteo D., De Araujo A.C., Peterson C.J., Nogueira Lima A.J., Higuchi N., Riley J.J., Chambers J.Q.. 2018. Washington : AGU, 1 p.. AGU Fall Meeting, 2018-12-10/2018-12-14, Washington (Etats-Unis).

Mesoscale Convective Systems (MCS) are responsible for severe rainfall in the Amazon and can produce strong descending winds that can uprooting or break trees the most dominant mode of tree mortality in the Amazon. Our results show that severe rainfall help to explain the observed residence time of woody biomass and tree mortality in the Amazon.

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