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How different pruning intensities and severities affect vegetative growth processes in "Cogshall" mango trees

Persello S., Grechi I., Boudon F., Normand F.. 2017. Baise : ISHS, 1 p.. International Mango Symposium. 12, 2017-07-10/2017-07-16, Baise (Chine).

Pruning is one of the most important management practices for the mango tree. It enables to control tree size, to improve fruit quality, and to obtain more regular and high yield in the long term by avoiding canopy overcrowding. However, the detailed response of the mango tree to pruning has not been much studied. The objective of this study was to quantify the local and distant effects of pruning on the subsequent vegetative growth. An experiment combining two factors, pruning intensity and pruning severity, was conducted in Reunion Island with the Floridian cultivar Cogshall. Pruning severity was defined as the depth of pruning along the axis. Three modalities were considered by pruning under the last, second to last or third growth unit of an axis. Pruning intensity was defined by the amount of removed fresh matter (leaves and wood) at the tree level. Four modalities were considered, unpruned, light, moderate and intense pruning, adjusted by different numbers of repetitions of each pruning severity within each tree. Sixteen trees were considered, four per pruning intensity. The probability of burst, the number of new growth units and the delay between pruning and burst were recorded on 30 pruned axes, 10 per pruning severity, and 30 unpruned terminal growth units per tree. Pruning intensity affected positively the probability of burst of pruned axes and unpruned growth units and synchronize burst of new growth units but did not affect their number. Light pruning stimulated vegetative growth locally, on the pruned axes, whereas intense pruning stimulated vegetative growth throughout the canopy. By contrast, pruning severity had a positive effect on both probability of burst and number of new growth units. As a next step, the impact of pruning on the reproductive processes should be studied to characterize more completely its effect on the mango growing cycle.

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