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RECOTOX, a French initiative in ecotoxicology-toxicology to monitor, understand and mitigate the ecotoxicological impacts of pollutants in socioagroecosystems

Mougin C., Gouy V., Bretagnolle V., Berthou J., Andrieux P., Ansart P., Benoît M., Coeurdassier M., Comte I., Dagès C., Denaix L., Dousset S., Ducreux L., Gaba S., Gilbert D., Imfeld G., Liger L., Molénat J., Payraudeau S., Samouelian A., Schott C., Tallec G., Vivien E., Voltz M.. 2018. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 25 (34) : p. 33882-33894.

DOI: 10.1007/s11356-018-2716-5

RECOTOX is a cross-cutting initiative promoting an integrated research to respond to the challenges of monitoring, understanding, and mitigating environmental and health impacts of pesticides in agroecosystems. The added value of RECOTOX is to develop a common culture around spatial ecotoxicology including the whole chain of pressure-exposure-impact, while strengthening an integrated network of in natura specifically equipped sites. In particular, it promotes transversal approaches at relevant socioecological system scales, to capitalize knowledge, expertise, and ongoing research in ecotoxicology and, to a lesser extent, environmental toxicology. Thus, it will open existing research infrastructures in environmental sciences to research programs in ecotoxicology of pesticides.

Mots-clés : pesticide; impact sur l'environnement; biopesticide; pollution par l'agriculture; métal lourd; france

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