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Main ecological drivers of woody plant species richness recovery in secondary forests in China

Liu X., Garcia-Ulloa J., Cornioley T., Liu X., Wang Z., Garcia C.. 2019. Scientific Reports, 9 : 8 p..

Identifying drivers behind biodiversity recovery is critical to promote efficient ecological restoration. Yet to date, for secondary forests in China there is a considerable uncertainty concerning the ecological drivers that affect plant diversity recovery. Following up on a previous published meta-analysis on the patterns of species recovery across the country, here we further incorporate data on the logging history, climate, forest landscape and forest attribute to conduct a nationwide analysis of the main drivers influencing the recovery of woody plant species richness in secondary forests. Results showed that regional species pool exerted a positive effect on the recovery ratio of species richness and this effect was stronger in selective cutting forests than that in clear cutting forests. We also found that temperature had a negative effect, and the shape complexity of forest patches as well as the percentage of forest cover in the landscape had positive effects on the recovery ratio of species richness. Our study provides basic information on recovery and resilience analyses of secondary forests in China.

Mots-clés : biodiversité forestière; reconstitution forestière; forêt; forêt secondaire; chine

Thématique : Foresterie - Considérations générales; Conservation de la nature et ressources foncières

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