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Dairy policy in Senegal: The need to overcome a technical mindset

Magnani S.D., Ancey V., Hubert B.. 2019. European Journal of Development Research : 19 p..

Since the 1970s, the import of tax-free powdered milk has presented an easy solution to the growing demand for dairy products in West Africa. Recent increases in agricultural price volatility have since contributed to a renewed interest in local milk. However, while the present situation raises issues of food security, rural development and trade policy, public policy remains overly focused on the technical dimensions of dairy development. This article presents the dairy landscape of Senegal, a major regional importer of powdered milk, by considering development dynamics in light of the interactions between technical and organizational models and livestock systems, in terms of relationships with resources and environment, knowledge and social organization. Two implications are discussed: the need for effective sectoral policy to tip the balance in favor of local milk, and the need to base public action on a better understanding of, and improved support for, livestock systems in all their diversity.

Mots-clés : intervention de l'état; sécurité alimentaire; développement rural; politique de marché; système d'élevage; produit laitier; lait; lait déshydraté; afrique occidentale; sénégal

Thématique : Elevage - Considérations générales; Economie et politique du développement; Agro-industrie

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