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Combining nested markets and the multilevel perspective to understand the agroecological transition of the food system

Piccin L., Cerdan C., Danflous J.P., Delfosse C.. 2018. NewDist : p. 22-25. Workshop AESOP Sustainable Food Planning. Towards sustainable City Region Food Systems, 2018-06-28/2018-06-30, Turin (Italie).

A twofold framework based on nested markets and the multi-level perspective on sustainable transitions is presented. We argue that there are promising intersections between these interrelated concepts, which are useful to understand the emerging dynamics of new markets, their relations with the broader food system and their potential to sustain more sustainable food practices, as illustrated from a case study in the French overseas territory of La Réunion.

Mots-clés : agro-industrie; circuit de commercialisation; développement régional; agroécologie; développement durable; réunion; france

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