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An exploration of competing interactions between NGOs in market advocacy contexts: Findings from the sustainable governance field in the soybean sector (2000-2013)

Escobar M., Cheyns E., Le Roy F.. 2014. Rotterdam : European Group for Organizational Studies, 1 p.. EGOS Colloquium. 30, 2014-07-03/2014-07-05, Rotterdam (Pays-Bas).

This paper examines interactions between NGOs when simultaneously looking to influence Business actors in a particular issue-field. Our analysis suggests that NGOs' political projects develop in an interrelated and dialectic process, building on each other achievements and shortcomings. NGOs will engage in competitive interactions with more or less intensity, ranging from a co-existing, yet competitive agenda, to a much overtly conflicting interaction. In addition, as typically occurs in competitive environments, NGOs will search to gain competitive advantages over its counter-parts' projects, operating strategic choices conveying structural and tactical innovations, and discourse specificities. This paper contributes to a more nuanced view on inter-organizational relations in the non-for-profit milieu, by exploring competing and conflicting dynamics between NGOs when undertaking market advocacy actions.

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