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Biological control in French Guiana, Guadeloupe and Martinique

Ryckewaert P., Vayssières J.F.. 2020. In : Van Lenteren Joop C. (ed.), Bueno Vanda H.P. (ed.), Luna Maria Gabriela (ed.), Colmenarez Yelitza C. (ed.). Biological control in Latin America and the Caribbean: Its rich history and bright future. Wallingford : CABI, p. 251-260. (CABI Invasives Series, 12).

DOI: 10.1079/9781789242430.0251

Several biological control agents have been introduced successfully in Guyana, and / or Guadeloupe and Martinique: three tachinid dipterans and one hymenopteran for control of sugarcane borers, a ladybird and a hymenopteran parasitoid against the pink hibiscus mealybug, a hymenopteran parasitoid to control Asian citrus psyllid, another hymenopteran parasitoid against citrus blackfly, and a hymenopteran parasitoid for control of fruit flies. Mass rearings of a lacewing and a Trichogramma egg parasitoid are being implemented in Martinique for augmentative biocontrol. Use of native natural enemies in conservation biocontrol projects is being initiated in several crops, after a period of intensive prospecting for natural enemies. A recently started project in French Guiana aims at control of the mango mealybug by introducing two exotic parasitoids.

Mots-clés : lutte biologique; agent de lutte biologique; lutte antiravageur; contrôle de maladies; maconellicoccus; cryptolaemus montrouzieri; anagyrus; diaphorina citri; aleurocanthus woglumi; biosteres longicaudatus; perileucoptera coffeella; diatraea saccharalis; lixophaga diatraeae; cotesia flavipes; guyane française; guadeloupe; martinique; france; anagyrus kamali; tamarixia radiata; encarsia opulenta; bactrocera carambolae; mirax insularis; bufo marinus; rattus rattus; paratheresia claripalpis; lydella minense

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