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Concentrations in D- and L-lactate in raw cow and camel milk

Konuspayeva G., Baubekova A., Akhmetsadykova S., Akhmetsadykov N., Faye B.. 2019. Journal of Camel Practice and Research, 26 (1) : p. 1-3.

The present study gives some preliminary result regarding the content of the D- and L-lactate in cow and camel milk. Twenty dromedary camel milk samples and 3 cow milk samples from Kazakhstan were analysed to determine the lactate forms in order to compare these two types of milk collected in similar conditions. The content of total lactate in camel milk was comparable to cow milk (1.82 ¿ 2.49 g/l), but the quantity of L-Lactate was 100 times more in camel milk compared to cow milk - 2.21% of the total lactate vs 0.02% in camel and cow milk, respectively. Further analyses are necessary to understand the role of the microflora present in each specific milk.

Mots-clés : lactate; lait de vache; lait de chamelle; kazakhstan

Thématique : Composition des produits alimentaires; Elevage - Considérations générales

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