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Characterization of soil fertility in Coffee (Coffea spp.) production areas in Côte d'Ivoire

Eponon E.C., Snoeck D., Konaté Z., Kassin K.E., Camara M., Legnaté H., Konan A., Chérif M., Koné D.. 2019. Research Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, 7 (2) : p. 15-24.

With the depletion of forest reserves, coffee growing based on extensive and shifting cultivation mode is no more reproductive. Thus, soils of different coffee growing areas were studied in order to diagnose the fertility level, their potential for productivity of new varieties of coffee (Coffea canephora Pierre, var. Robusta) and their sustainable managements. In total, 156 soil samples were collected and analyzed in the laboratory using standard methods to determine their physicochemical statutes. The results obtained show a low nitrogen content of less than 0.27% in all soil mapping units, a base saturation percentage lower than 60% for the vast majority of soils and crucial presence of organic matter on distribution of physicochemical properties. Clustering of results identified two main components, which accounted for 88.69% of the variability of the data and the grouping into three communities by similarity of features. In view of these results, a sustainable production of the coffee trees requires a fertilization program for the improvement of soils under coffee trees.

Mots-clés : azote; nutrition des plantes; matière organique du sol; fertilisation; fertilité du sol; coffea canephora; coffea; côte d'ivoire

Thématique : Fertilité du sol; Culture des plantes

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