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A collaborative approach to bring insights from local observations of climate change impacts into global climate change research

Reyes-Garcia V., García-del-Amo D., Benyei P., Fernández-Llamazares A., Gravani K., Junqueira A.B., Labeyrie V., Li X., Matias D.M.S., McAlvay A., Mortyn P.G., Porcuna-Ferrer A., Schlingmann A., Soleymani-Fard R.. 2019. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 39 : p. 1-8.

DOI: 10.1016/j.cosust.2019.04.007

Bringing insights from Indigenous and local knowledge into climate change research requires addressing the transferability, integration, and scalability of this knowledge. Using a review of research on place-based observations of climate change impacts, we explore ways to address these challenges. Our search mostly captured scientist-led qualitative research, which ¿ while facilitating place-based knowledge transferability to global research ¿ did not include locally led efforts documenting climate change impacts. We classified and organized qualitative multi-site place-based information into a hierarchical system that fosters dialogue with global research, providing an enriched picture of climate change impacts on local social-ecological systems. A network coordinating the scalability of place-based research on climate change impacts is needed to bring Indigenous and local knowledge into global research and policy agendas.

Mots-clés : changement climatique; connaissance indigène; approches participatives

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