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Innovation platforms as multi-service new features for building farmers' innovation capacity in Cameroon

Mathe S., Tsafack S., Degrande A., Fosto A., Nkafu A., Idrissou L., Bisseleua H., Bidogeza J.C., Suh C.. 2018. In : Les nouveaux modes d¿organisation des processus d'innovation. Nîmes : RRI, p. 60-60. Congrès RRI - Forum innovation. 8, 2018-06-04/2018-06-05, Nîmes (France).

In this paper, we present innovation platforms and their roles in supporting innovations for African agriculture transformation. These platforms allow their members to access various support services that facilitate the strengthening of the innovation processes. Using the typology of support services built by Mathé et al. (2016), and inquiries to the Mbalmayo (Cameroon, Center Region) innovation platform members, we have identified the services exchanged within the platform. By structuring local innovation systems, innovation platforms are strategic tools to support African agriculture transformation from the bottom up. They facilitate support for innovation actors in the agricultural sector by strengthening their capacity to innovate. However, to produce these effects, this requires strong investments in time and resources at the beginning.

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