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On the usefulness of mathematics for food and health security: control strategies for pests and disease vectors

Dumont Y.. 2019. Perpignan : LAboratory of Mathematics and PhySics (LAMPS); Université de Perpignan, 1 p.. Perpignan's days of Applied Mathematics (PDAM2019). 2, 2019-06-13/2019-06-14, Perpignan (France).

In terms of food and health security, pests and disease vectors have become major threats around the world. In particular, with increasing connexion between southern and northern countries and, also, a changing climate, some of these so-called distant threats have become real issues even in northern countries. Field and lab works, but also observations are useful but are not always su¿cient to tackle these issues. On the other hand, Mathematics can address these issues from a di¿erent point of view and thus propose or help to think on new alternatives in terms of control. In this talk, I would like to give an overview of recent works dedicated to the development and study of new biological control strategies to limit the impact of pests and disease vectors.

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