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Identification of roselle varieties through simple discriminating physicochemical characteristics using multivariate analysis

Kane A., Achir N., Cisse M., Pallet D., Sakho M., Dornier M.. 2019. Food Science and Technology, 39 (2) : p. 321-327.

DOI: 10.1590/1678-457x.29417

The objective of this work is to study the feasibility of a more objective and rigorous classification of the calices of Hibiscus sabdariffa based on their physicochemical profile. To do so, 19 analyses were carried out on 4 varieties of calices cultivated in Senegal: Vimto, Koor, Thaï and CLT92. Principal component analysis results showed that 15 physicochemical and biochemical parameters could be potentially used to discriminate the varieties of calices. Polyphenolic and anthocyanin contents were anti-correlated to protein content and could be used to differentiate the Vimto/CLT92 and the Koor/Thaï varieties. Within these two clusters, pH and lipid content could discriminate each variety. Finally, factorial discriminant analysis showed that total anthocyanin content, lipid content and chromaticity C* were the 3 parameters enabling the most efficient classification of calices according to variety and led to 100% classification accuracy.

Mots-clés : hibiscus sabdariffa; propriété physicochimique; sénégal

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