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Immersed membranes configuration for the microfiltration of fruit-based suspensions

Rouquie C., Dahdouh L., Ricci J., Wisniewski C., Delalonde M.. 2019. Separation and Purification Technology, 216 : p. 25-33.

DOI: 10.1016/j.seppur.2019.01.062

Microfiltration is widely used to ensure the a thermal stabilization, clarification and concentration of various fruit-based suspensions (e.g. fruit juices, food by-products, wine). However, the performances of membrane filtration remain highly challenged by membrane fouling. To prevent membrane fouling, cross-flow filtration is generally performed. Nevertheless, this intensive working mode is considered as highly energy consuming due to the intensive pumping required to circulate the suspension at high velocities. In the light of this, immersed membranes configurations have been developed in many fields, as they allow working in energy-friendly operating conditions. Thus, this work investigated for the first time the performances of an immersed membranes configuration for fruit-based suspensions microfiltration, in terms of productivity (membrane fouling, permeate flux) and selectivity (clarification, concentration of bioactive compounds). This study focused on three fruit-based suspensions: a grapefruit juice and two winery by-products. Concerning the process selectivity, pilot-scale experiments showed that immersed membranes filtration allowed producing retentate and permeate of quality as least as good as the one related to conventional cross-flow filtration. Concerning the process productivity, cross-flow filtration allowed reaching higher fluxes compared to immersed membranes filtration, in accordance with the conventional order of magnitude specific to each configuration. Immersed membranes configuration could find interesting applications within small production units of fruit juices and/or industries dealing with the valorization of low added-value byproducts thanks to its various advantages (high compactness, easy handling and mobility, low investment and operational costs).

Mots-clés : jus de fruits; jus de raisin; filtration à membranes; microfiltration; clarification; État dispersé; utilisation des déchets

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