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Extreme temperature event and mass mortality of insectivorous bats

Pruvot M., Cappelle J., Furey N.M., Hul V., Heng H.S., Duong V., Dussart P., Horwood P.. 2019. European Journal of Wildlife Research, 65.

A mass mortality event involving Chaerephon plicatus and Taphozous theobaldi bats occurred during a heat wave in April 2016 in Cambodia. This was investigated to clarify the causes of the die-off and assess the risk to public health. Field evidences, clinical signs, and gross pathology findings were consistent with a heat stress hypothesis. However, the detection of a novel bat paramyxovirus raises questions about its role as a contributing factor or a coincidental finding. Systematic documentation of bat die-offs related to extreme weather events is necessary to improve understanding of the effect of changing weather patterns on bat populations and the ecosystem services they provide.

Mots-clés : santé publique; enquête pathologique; mortalité; insectivore; événements météorologiques extrêmes; chaleur; chiroptera; cambodge; paramyxovirus; taphozous theobaldi; chaerephon plicatus

Thématique : Ecologie animale; Météorologie et climatologie; Physiologie et biochimie animales; Maladies des animaux

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