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Importance of wind-dispersal in the invasion success of Pinus kesiya in Tapia forests in Madagascar

Rajaonarivelo H.M., Flores O., Ramamonjisoa B., Bouvet J.M.. 2019. Antananarivo : ATBC, 1 p.. Annual Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC 2019). 56, 2019-07-30/2019-08-03, Antananarivo (Madagascar).

Malagasy endemic biodiversity is subject to several pressures that threaten their perenniality. The endemic sclerophyll Tapia woodland at Arivonimamo is one of those ecosystems threatened by the invasion of exotic reforestation trees, Pinus kesiya. In order to better preserve the Tapia woodland, the present study aims to determine the factors influencing the invasion of these species in this ecosystem to counter it. For achieving this purpose, 125 transects contained three plots of 100 m2 each have been inventoried. In each plot, dendrometry and environmental data were recorded. The geographic coordinates of Pinus source trees have also been noted in this area. The analysis of the main factors of invasion was carried out with the generalized linear model. The result shows that the installation of source trees nearby and spread by wind has the greatest influence on the various stages of Pinus invasion in the Tapia forest. Forest landscape management is then necessary to reconcile the need of the population and the conservation of this endemic biodiversity.

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