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AEGIS, an extended information system to support agroecological transition for sugarcane industries

Auzoux S., Scopel E., Christina M., Poser C., Soulie J.C.. 2019. In : Proceedings of the XXX International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists Congress. Tucuman : ISSCT, p. 186-192. ISSCT Congress. 30, 2019-09-02/2019-09-05, Tucuman (Argentine).

Faced with increasing environmental, economic and social challenges, sugarcane industries are adopting agroecological approaches to design and evaluate systems that use natural resources more efficiently, mobilize plant biodiversity and adopt agroecological practices. In order to set up this agroecological transition, stakeholders of sugarcane industries need to: (i) access and analyze raw data; (ii) capitalize and share knowledge through professional networks; (iii) define performance and impact indicators; and (iv) engage in learning processes to acquire new skills based on successful experiments. CIRAD developed AEGIS (AgroEcological Global Information System), a platform to support digital agriculture and successful agroecological transition. AEGIS can provide standardized, harmonized and organized data that come from various sugarcane agroecosystems. Data stored in AEGIS are collected at different spatial and temporal scales, from different experiment designs and protocols, and in different contexts (agronomy, ecology, sociology, and economy). AEGIS meets the expectations of stakeholders through the development of generic statistical analysis tools and the implementation of ex-ante and ex-post data processing methodologies. It provides datasets for simulation of crop models and complex visualization tools to facilitate the interpretation of data and to highlight indicators, patterns and correlations inaccessible from raw data. AEGIS uses ontologies, metadata standards and web services, which ensure the semantic and technical interoperability of the various components of the information system. These features allowed development of a common language for sharing and exchanging contextualized information between stakeholders, whatever their fields of activity. By integrating dashboards, statistical analysis tools, data processing tools (data mining), simulation and visualization tools (artificial intelligence), our platform is a complete steering and decision support tool in the context of the agroecological transition.

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