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Risks of new pests and diseases

Binot A., Cilas C.. 2019. In : Dury Sandrine (ed.), Bendjebbar Pauline (ed), Hainzelin Etienne (ed.), Giordano Thierry (ed.), Bricas Nicolas (ed.). Food systems at risk. New trends and challenges. Rome : CIRAD, FAO, p. 47-50.

Climate change will affect the social and environmental determinants of the health of human, animal and plant populations around the world. It will challenge the social and biological capacities of food systems to regulate the emergence of pests and pathogens. Especially in Low-Income (LI) and Lower Middle-Income (LMI) countries, food systems will be dealing with new pests, diseases and emerging pathogens (viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma and fungi) severely threatening the health of vulnerable people and potentially exacerbating social and economic inequalities.

Mots-clés : transmission des maladies; surveillance épidémiologique; vecteur de maladie; ravageur des plantes; maladie des plantes; maladie des animaux; changement climatique; monde; maladie émergente

Thématique : Maladies des plantes; Ravageurs des plantes; Maladies des animaux; Organismes nuisibles des animaux; Météorologie et climatologie

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