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Nutritional risks of unhealthy diets

Dury S., Martin-Prével Y.. 2019. In : Dury Sandrine (ed.), Bendjebbar Pauline (ed), Hainzelin Etienne (ed.), Giordano Thierry (ed.), Bricas Nicolas (ed.). Food systems at risk. New trends and challenges. Rome : CIRAD, FAO, p. 111-114.

Currently, one in three people in the world is affected by at least one type of malnutrition and, if no action is rapidly taken, this could become one in two by 2025. Different types of malnutrition coexist in almost every country, causing severe consequences in terms of human health and economic losses: 45 percent of the mortality in under-five children is linked to undernutrition and globally malnutrition in all its forms costs US$ 3.5 trillion per year. Inadequate diets are a major cause of malnutrition and access to healthy diets for all would save 11 million lives per year.

Mots-clés : pertes économiques; enfant; mortalité; régime alimentaire; santé publique; malnutrition

Thématique : Régimes alimentaires et maladies nutritionnelles; Autres thèmes

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