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Food safety risks

Figuié M.. 2019. In : Dury Sandrine (ed.), Bendjebbar Pauline (ed), Hainzelin Etienne (ed.), Giordano Thierry (ed.), Bricas Nicolas (ed.). Food systems at risk. New trends and challenges. Rome : CIRAD, FAO, p. 115-119.

Foodborne diseases are responsible for 420,000 deaths each year, one-third of them in Africa. Food safety issues are usually attributed to traditional food systems, but the development of modern food systems in low-income (LI) and lower middle-income (LMI) countries brings with it new risks. The setting of private standards can counterbalance the poor capacity of States to enforce safety regulations, but can also contribute to a dual system that concentrates the flow of unsafe products on the most vulnerable section of the population. Unsafe food not only poses significant public health risks but also contributes to large food losses and insecurity, and creates barriers to trade. Dealing with it requires a multisectoral approach.

Mots-clés : sécurité alimentaire; danger pour la santé; revenu; systèmes alimentaires; santé publique; maladie transmissible par aliment; afrique; sécurité des aliments

Thématique : Contamination et toxicologie alimentaires; Autres thèmes; Economie de la consommation

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