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Gender integration in agriculture, food Security and climate change policy: a framework proposal

Howland F., Le Coq J.F., Acosta M.. 2019. s.l. : cgiar, 35 p.. (CCAFS Reports).

Effective gender integration in policy has been proposed in many sectors and policies. CCAFS FP1 LAM has endorsed to favor mainstreaming of gender issue within climate and food security policy in agricultural sectors in Latin America. This document aims at providing a framework to analyze the current integration of gender issue and bottlenecks for further integration. Based on an extensive academic and grey literature regarding gender issue in policy, this document propose a state of the art on existing frameworks integrating gender issues in agriculture, CC and food and nutrition security, and criteria to evaluate gender integration. It finally proposed a framework to be tested in the CCAFS FP1 LAM to capture and understand the situation of gender integration within policy mix tackling CC and food nutrition security in agricultural sector.

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