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First record of the genus Charinus Simon, 1892 from Martinique, Lesser Antilles, with description of a new species (Amblypygi:Charinidae)

Teruel R., Coulis M.. 2017. Ecologica Montenegrina, 13 : p. 30-36.

The genus CharinusSimon, 1892 is herein recorded for the first time from the Lesser Antillean island of Martinique (a French Overseas Territory), on the basis of two species. One of them occurs in the karstic hill of the southern part of the island and is herein described, supported by a thorough photographic complement. It is compared in detail to all its morphologically closest Antillean relativesand a brief supplementary comment is given on the high-rank taxonomy of the order.

Mots-clés : arachnida; arthropoda; identification; taxonomie; organisme indigène; antilles françaises; martinique; charinus simon; charinus

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