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Atlas of Livestock Transitions in Vietnam: 1986-2016

Cesaro J.D. (ed.), Duteurtre G. (ed.), Nguyen M.H. (ed.). 2019. Hanoï : IPSARD; CIRAD, 65 p..

The Atlas of Livestock Transitions in Vietnam (1986-2016) is a synthesis of a fi ve years research project. It combines results from several fi eldworks together with a systematic spatial analysis of the 4 agricultural censuses conducted from 1994 to 2011. With nearly one hundred maps and graphs, the Atlas presents facts and data on the process of gradual industrialization of a sector that remains largely based on small-scale farming. The rapid development of livestock production in Vietnam is responding to market demands and regional specializations. Investment in the sector is concentrated around the outskirts of large cities, where a rapidly growing number of modern farms are copying a globalized industrial farm model. However, 'industrial' does not necessarily mean 'landless' because livestock manure is largely reintegrated with crop production. Outside regions connected to international and urban markets, smallholder livestock farming is being transformed through a gradual decline in the number of producers. High population densities are nonetheless posing limits on average farm size. Livestock farmers are adopting new technologies and practices to reduce their environmental impacts while enabling intensive production near residential areas. This atlas presents this diversity of transitions that are specifi c to an emerging sector. It represends a useful tool for anyone engaged in supporting sustainable agricultural development in countries of the Global South.

Mots-clés : Élevage intensif; modernisation; agro-industrie; développement rural; développement urbain; donnée statistique; viet nam

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