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Gasification of continuous wood char bed: Modelling and experimental approach

Teixeira G., Van De Steene L., Salvador S., Gelix F., Dirion J.L., Paviet F.. 2014. In : Ranzi Eliseo (ed.), Kohse-Höinghaus Katharina (ed.). iconBM 2014. Milan : AIDIC, p. 247-252. (Chemical Engineering Transactions). International Conference on BioMass, 2014-05-05/2014-05-07, Florence (Italie).

DOI: 10.3303/CET1437042

The current paper presents a study combining experimentation and modelling of char gasification in a continuous fixed bed reactor. The char bed gasification was experimentally characterized using the Continuous Fixed Bed reactor (CFiB) at CIRAD (Montpellier, France). This reactor replicates the gasification zone taking place in the co-current, multi-stage gasification technology. It is instrumented to specifically allow the measurement of thermal and chemical profiles: measurements of temperature, pressure, and gas composition are performed every 10 cm along the bed. We also investigate the char bed compaction during gasification. For this purpose, a char bed sampling was carried out to measure char bed density and particle velocities along the char bed. A model of wood char gasification in a continuous fixed bed reactor was thus developed using COMSOL software. It couples heat and mass transfer phenomena with heterogeneous and homogenous chemical reactions taking place inside the bed. In particular, this model considers char bed compaction to predict evolution of char bed density and velocity. As an innovative approach, three simple functions to calculate char particle conversion rate of the heterogeneous reactions were proposed.

Mots-clés : gazéification; carbonisation du bois; technologie du bois; charbon de bois; réacteur à lit fluidisé; réaction biochimique

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