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India and Africa in the global agricultural system (1961-2050). Towards a new sociotechnical regime?

Dorin B.. 2017. Economic and political weekly, 52 (25-26) : p. 5-13.

The asynchronous but somewhat similar agricultural trajectories of sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, especially India, are analysed over nearly a century (1961¿2050). Millions of pieces of data available on the past (1961¿2007) and on a plausible future (2006¿50 projections by the Food and Agriculture Organization) are organised in a simple world food model where production, trade and consumption are aggregated and balanced in calories. Given the current and/or future land¿labour relationships that characterise India and Africa, can these regions experience the same structural transformation that the developed countries went through, or work together towards a new sociotechnical regime by developing their own regionally differentiated labour-intensive production investments and technological capacities for economic, social, and ecological sustainability?

Mots-clés : agriculture durable; structure agraire; système de production; inde; afrique au sud du sahara

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