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Multi-scale assessment of the livestock sector for policy design in Zambia

Dutilly C., Alary V., Bonnet P., Lesnoff M., Fandamu P., De Haan C.. 2020. Journal of Policy Modeling, 42 (2) : p. 401-418.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jpolmod.2019.07.004

While livestock constitute a strategic sector to reduce poverty and enhance growth in developing countries, decision makers often lack data reflecting the diversity of livestock functions and systems. We therefore mobilised the Livestock Sector Investment Policy Toolkit to assess the economic contributions of livestock in Zambia. Valuing their plural contributions by system, we found that mixed rainfed systems were the main contributors to added value, even if specialised intensive systems provided around 45% of meat and milk production. Demand-oriented policies promoting intensive systems would not have the same effects on economic growth as growth-oriented policies focusing on smallholder mixed farming.

Mots-clés : Élevage; politique de la production; sécurité alimentaire; pauvreté; polyculture élevage; Élevage intensif; petite exploitation agricole; zambie

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