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On the usefulness of Mathematical Modeling for Vector/Pest control

Dumont Y.. 2019. In : WTEAM 2019 Official program. Asuncion : Fundación Moisés Bertoni; Facultad Politécnica de la UNA, p. 14-14. WTEAM 2019: Workshop on Advanced Control Techniques for Mosquito-Borne Diseases, 2019-11-11/2019-11-17, Asuncion (Paraguay).

Because of increasing risks to health and food security, diseases vectors and pests have become a major problem in recent decades. Many innovative solutions have been developed and, eventually, tested to control and eventually eradicate these vectors/pests. However, it is more and more difficult to do a large range of field experiments (complex, costly, etc): focused experiments are needed. In addition to aggregating knowledge and/or testing the hypothesis, modeling and mathematical analysis, coupled with numerical simulations, can be very useful for experts to develop, choose and conduct field experiments more effectively. I will present some recent results obtained in the context of human health and crop protection.

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