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Malagasy dye plant species: A promising source of novel natural colorants with potential applications ¿ A review

Andriamanantena M., Danthu P., Cardon D., Fawbush F., Raonizafinimanana B., Razafintsalama V.E., Rakotonandrasana S.R., Ethève A., Petit T., Caro Y.. 2019. Chemistry and Biodiversity, 16 (12) : 33 p..

DOI: 10.1002/cbdv.201900442

Due to the potentially harmful effects of some synthetic dyes, there is an increasing demand for natural colorants. Recent literature has emphasized the necessity of investigating new sources of dyes. This review discusses the biological sources of dyes derived from the rich plant diversity of Madagascar. As one of the first contributions on the use of these dyestuffs for dyeing textiles, it provides an overview of 128 dye plant species with other potential applications for coloring materials in industry. A detailed description of the botanical and chemical properties of these dyestuffs is given. We believe that the Madagascar plant diversity may be a promising source of novel colorants not yet investigated. We considered it worthwhile to carry out a thorough scientific study of a set of Malagasy plants carefully selected for their coloring properties together with their potential use and valorization in specialized industries where use of natural colorants would be a particular interest.

Mots-clés : pigment; colorant; extrait d'origine végétale; biodiversité; madagascar

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