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Contribution to the knowledge of the Neuroptera of the Oriental region of Morocco

Michel B., François A.. 2019. In : Weihrauch Florian (ed.), Frank Odile (ed.), Gruppe Axel (ed.), Jepson James E. (ed.), Kirschey Lukas (ed.), Ohl Michael (ed.). Proceedings of the XIII International Symposium of Neuropterology. Wolnzach : Osmylus Scientific Publishers, p. 181-186. International Symposium of Neuropterology. 13, 2018-06-17/2018-06-22, Laufen (Allemagne).

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3569399

Captures of Neuroptera were performed in the Oriental region of Morocco, carried out mainly in August using a light trap to inventory the neuropterous insects of the region. During this survey, we recorded 38 species of Myrmeleontidae, four species of Ascalaphidae, three species of Chrysopidae, and one species of Mantispidae, of Hemerobiidae and of Nemopteridae, respectively.

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