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Radiocarbon investigation of a superlative grandidier baobab, the big reniala of Isosa

Patrut R.T., Patrut A., Leong Pock Tsy J.M., Woodborne S., Rakosy L., Danthu P., Ratiu I.A., Bodis J., Von Reden K.F.. 2019. Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai. Chemia, 64 (4) : p. 131-139.

DOI: 10.24193/subbchem.2019.4.10

The article discloses the accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) radiocarbon dating results of the Big Reniala of Isosa, which is a massive Grandidier baobab (Adansonia grandidieri Baill.) of Madagascar. The investigation of this baobab shows that it consists of 5 perfectly fused stems and exhibits a cluster structure. The calculated wood volume of the tree is 540 m 3 , which makes the Big Reniala of Isosa the largest individual of all Adansonia species and also the biggest known angiosperm in terms of volume. Several samples were collected from the outer part of the stems. The oldest dated sample had a radiocarbon date of 934 ± 24 BP, which corresponds to a calibrated age of 845 ± 25 years. This value indicates an age of 1000 ± 100 years for the big Reniala of Isosa.

Mots-clés : adansonia; arbre plus; datation au radiocarbone; dendrométrie; tige; anatomie du bois; adansonia grandidieri; madagascar; arbre remarquable

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