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Detection of significant SNP associated with production and oil quality traits in interspecific oil palm hybrids using RARSeq

Astorkia M., Hernandez M., Bocs S., Ponce K., León O., Morales S., Quezada N., Orellana F., Wendra F., Sembiring Z., Asmono D., Ritter E.. 2020. Plant Science, 291 : 13 p..

DOI: 10.1016/j.plantsci.2019.110366

A RARSeq based Association mapping study was performed in a population of 104 Elaeis oleifera x E. guineensis hybrids of five origins with the aim of finding functional markers associated to six productive and 19 oil quality traits. For this purpose mRNA of each genotype was isolated and double stranded cDNA was synthesized. Following digestion with two restriction enzymes and adapter ligation, a size selected pool of barcoded amplicons was produced and sequenced using Illumina MiSeq. The obtained sequences were processed with a ¿snakemake¿ pipeline, filtered and missing values were imputed. For all traits except two significant effects of the origin was observed. Genetic diversity analyses revealed high variability within origins and an excess of heterozygosity in the population. Two GLM models with Q matrix or PCA matrix as covariates and two MLM models incorporating in addition a Kinship matrix were tested for genotype-phenotype associations using GAPIT software. Using unadjusted p values (< 0.01) 78 potential associations were detected involving 25 SNP and 20 traits. When applying FDR multiple testing with p < 0.05, 25 significant associations remained involving eight SNP and six quality traits. Four SNP were located in genes with a potential relevant biological meaning.

Mots-clés : huile de palme; qualité; marqueur génétique; amélioration génétique; hybride; elaeis oleifera; elaeis guineensis; colombie; Équateur

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