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The modernisation of the rice value chain in Senegal: A move toward the Asian Quiet Revolution?

Soullier G., Moustier P.. 2020. Development Policy Review : 21 p..

Motivation: The modernization of domestic food chains in India, Bangladesh and the People's Republic of China is characterized by technological change and the integration of the collection function by the midstream segment. This has improved product quality and resulted in increased value added for value chain (VC) actors. In Africa, since the first world food crisis, governments have endeavoured to develop domestic value chains. Purpose: The purpose of this article is to review the dynamics of the rice value chain in Senegal in order to see the extent to which it follows the same trends as in Asia. Approach and methods: We have completed the paradigm of Structure?Conduct?Performance with the Global Value Chain analysis framework, which highlights the influence that one stakeholder in a steering position can have on the distribution of tasks, skills and margins among the actors in the chain. We conducted 154 qualitative interviews to understand changes in governance. We also used data about 913 stakeholders to assess the competitiveness of the value chain. Findings: We found that the Senegalese rice value chain is undergoing modernization as in Asia. Nevertheless, in Senegal, (a) midstream actors already carried out paddy collection through spot transactions with a trend towards relational governance, (b) credit policies contributed directly to the shift in governance towards integration, and (c) the modern rice VC was able to compete in terms of cost with imports thanks to state intervention. Policy implications: In order to improve the competitiveness of this value chain, we recommend the inclusion of small?scale processors in the modernization process through improved access to credit. We also suggest carrying out feasibility studies relating to the use of small?scale mechanization.

Mots-clés : adaptation de la production; développement agricole; chaîne alimentaire; modernisation; riz; sénégal

Thématique : Economie et politique agricoles; Economie de la production

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