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Contribution of multitemporal polarimetric synthetic aperture radar data for monitoring winter wheat and rapeseed crops

Betbeder J., Fieuzal R., Philippets Y., Ferro-Famil L., Baup F.. 2016. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, 10 (2) : 20 p..

DOI: 10.1117/1.JRS.10.026020

This paper aims to evaluate the contribution of multitemporal polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data for winter wheat and rapeseed crops parameters [height, leaf area index, and dry biomass (DB)] estimation, during their whole vegetation cycles in comparison to backscattering coefficients and optical data. Angular sensitivities and dynamics of polarimetric indicators were also analyzed following the growth stages of these two common crop types using, in total, 14 radar images (Radarsat-2), 16 optical images (Formosat-2, Spot-4/5), and numerous ground data. The results of this study show the importance of correcting the angular effect on SAR signals especially for copolarized signals and polarimetric indicators associated to single-bounce scattering mechanisms. The analysis of the temporal dynamic of polarimetric indicators has shown their high potential to detect crop growth changes. Moreover, this study shows the high interest of using SAR parameters (backscattering coefficients and polarimetric indicators) for crop parameters estimation during the whole vegetation cycle instead of optical vegetation index. They particularly revealed their high potential for rapeseed height and DB monitoring [i.e., Shannon entropy polarimetry (r2=0.70) and radar vegetation index (r2=0.80), respectively].

Mots-clés : image spot; imagerie par satellite; radar à synthèse d'ouverture; télédétection; surveillance des cultures; index de végétation; brassica napus; blé d'hiver; france; midi-pyrénées

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