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Invited review: Camel skin diseases survey in Morocco

Kamili A., Faye B., Bengoumi M., Tligui N.S.. 2019. Journal of Camelid Science, 12 : p. 1-16.

The present study aimed to collect data related to skin diseases in dromedary camels in the south of Morocco. As a whole, 168 herds from 9 provinces located in the south of Morocco have been prospected. Finally, 275 camels were involved in this monitoring, presenting 336 skin disease cases with different etiologies (bacterial, viral and parasitic). Mite and dermatophyte infections were predominant with 52% and 30% as respective proportions. On average, 11% and 7% of all cases detected suffered respectively from lymphadenitis and camelpox/ecthyma. Skin diseases in dromedary camels are highly affected by the animal's sex, as females were more affected than males; age seemed to have no effect. The absence of systematic treatment and prevention, even though these infections are all treatable, may somehow explain the recidivism of skin diseases in the herd every year.

Mots-clés : gale; teigne; maladie de la peau; maladie des animaux; dromadaire; maroc

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