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Global health. People, animals, plants, the environment: towards an integrated approach to health

Caron P. (ed.), Broin M. (ed.), Delaporte E. (ed.), Duru M. (ed.), Izopet J. (ed.), Paul M. (ed.), Roger F. (ed.), Simard F. (ed.). 2019. Montpellier : Agropolis, 52 p.. (Les dossiers d'Agropolis International, 25).

While far from exhaustive, this report provides illustrative examples of research undertaken by scientific teams in the region alongside partners in France, its overseas territories, and around the world. All aspects affecting health are considered: not only human and animal health, but plant health, the environment, and issues linked to diet and food production. No less than 66 research units are cited in this report, illustrating the diversity and complementarity of the scientific work being carried out from this hub of integrated health research.

Mots-clés : santé publique; santé animale; Épidémiologie; transmission des maladies; surveillance épidémiologique; Écosystème; sécurité alimentaire

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