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No experimental evidence of co-feeding transmission of african swine fever virus between Ornithodoros soft ticks

Pereira De Oliveira R., Hutet E., Duhayon M., Paboeuf F., Le Potier M.F., Vial L.. 2020. Pathogens, 9 (3) : 6 p..

DOI: 10.3390/pathogens9030168

Ornithodoros soft ticks are the only known vector and reservoir of the African swine fever virus, a major lethal infectious disease of Suidae. The co-feeding event for virus transmission and maintenance among soft tick populations has been poorly documented. We infected Ornithodoros moubata, a known tick vector in Africa, with an African swine fever virus strain originated in Africa, to test its ability to infect O. moubata through co-feeding on domestic pigs. In our experimental conditions, tick-to-tick virus transmission through co-feeding failed, although pigs became infected through the infectious tick bite.

Mots-clés : ornithodoros moubata; virus peste porcine africaine; peste porcine africaine; argasidae; vecteur de maladie; transmission des maladies; maladie des animaux; afrique

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