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Biological control in Haiti

Ryckewaert P., Van Lenteren J.C.. 2020. In : Van Lenteren Joop C. (ed.), Bueno Vanda H.P. (ed.), Luna Maria Gabriela (ed.), Colmenarez Yelitza C. (ed.). Biological control in Latin America and the Caribbean: Its rich history and bright future. Wallingford : CABI, p. 271-274. (CABI Invasives Series, 12).

DOI: 10.1079/9781789242430.0271

Biocontrol on Haiti is mainly in the form or classical biological control. Successful early projects are control of citrus blackfly by a hymenopteran parasitoid since the 1930s and control of the sugacane borer by an introduced tachinid parasitoid since 1953. After 1970 three hymenopteran parasitoids were introduced for control of the coffee berry borer. A new project concerns the introduction of predators against the fluted scale Crypticerya genistae. Most Haitian farmers have insufficient financial resources to apply chemical control, which creates possibilities for use of conservation biocontrol and also allows the ecosystem service of biocontrol to exhibit its role in pest and disease reduction.

Mots-clés : lutte biologique; agent de lutte biologique; lutte antiravageur; contrôle de maladies; aleurocanthus woglumi; lixophaga diatraeae; diatraea saccharalis; hypothenemus hampei; haïti; eretmocerus serius; cephalonomia stephanoderis; prorops nasuta; phymastichus coffea; maconellicoccus hirsutus; anagyrus kamali; crypticerya genistae

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