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Origin and diversity of plant receptor-like kinases

Diévart A., Gottin C., Périn C., Ranwez V., Chantret N.. 2020. Annual Review of Plant Biology, 71 : p. 131-156.

Because of their high level of diversity and complex evolutionary histories, most studies on plant receptor-like kinase subfamilies have focused on their kinase domains. With the large amount of genome sequence data available today, particularly on basal land plants and Charophyta, more attention should be paid to primary events that shaped the diversity of the RLK gene family. We thus focus on the motifs and domains found in association with kinase domains to illustrate their origin, organization, and evolutionary dynamics. We discuss when these different domain associations first occurred and how they evolved, based on a literature review complemented by some of our unpublished results.

Thématique : Physiologie et biochimie végétales; Génétique et amélioration des plantes

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