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A French working group on biological invasions in aquatic environments: towards an improvement of knowledge and management of freshwater invasive alien species

Sarat E., Dutartre A., Soubeyran Y., Poulet N.. 2017. Management of Biological Invasions, 8 (3) : p. 415-424. International Conference on Freshwater Invasives. 11, 2016-07-11/2016-07-14, Zagreb (Croatie).

DOI: 10.3391/mbi.2017.8.3.15

In order to respond to the growing concern on invasive alien species and their impact in freshwater environments in France, a working group on biological invasions in freshwater environments was created in 2009. Meeting internationally recognised recommendations, its main objective is to increase management capacity by valuating and promoting expert knowledge, digesting and giving access to scientific information and providing guidance on decision-making. Coordinated by the French Biodiversity Agency and the IUCN French Committee, the group brings together more than 60 members from communities of practitioners, scientists and policy-makers. The group's activities are determined by the shared needs of the formed network. Examples of projects undertaken to date include: the development of an internet platform to provide access to information; the publication of a best practices guide with fully detailed feedbacks from management efforts; and the setting up of an information database focussed on the operational management of introduced aquatic species in France.

Mots-clés : espèce envahissante; espèce introduite; eau douce; organisme aquatique; gestion des connaissances; france

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