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Alfalfa leaf curl virus is transmitted by Aphis craccivora in a highly specific circulative manner

Ryckebusch F., Sauvion N., Granier M., Roumagnac P., Peterschmitt M.. 2020. Virology, 546 : p. 98-108.

Two members of the genus Capulavirus (Geminiviridae) are transmitted by aphids including Alfalfa leaf curl virus (ALCV) transmitted by Aphis craccivora. The capulavirus Euphorbia caput-medusae latent virus was shown here to be transmitted also by A. craccivora, using the population EuphorbiaSA. ALCV was transmissible by several A. craccivora populations including Robinia, but not the EuphorbiaSA population, reflecting a high transmission specificity. Typical of the circulative-persistent mode of transmission, ALCV persists through insect molts. ALCV accumulation and localization were analyzed in whole insects, midguts, hemolymphs, and heads of aphids from vector and non-vector populations of A. craccivora and from the non-vector species Acyrthosiphon pisum. Vector and non-vector populations could be distinguished by contrasted virus accumulations and midgut intracellular localization consistent with a gut barrier to the transmission of ALCV in A. pisum and a primary salivary gland barrier in A. craccivora.

Thématique : Maladies des plantes

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