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ARTIMIX. Articuler les combinaisons de politiques entre échelles et secteurs pour faire face aux enjeux d'adaptation au changement climatique dans les territoires vulnérables d'agriculture tropicale. D1.2 : Mapping of actors, instruments, and integration of concepts in climate policies: Synthesis of case studies (France-Guadeloupe/Martinique; Brazil/Pernambuco; Colombia/Cauca)

Sabourin E., Milhorance C., Howland F., Checchi L., Biabiany O., Blondel O., Montouroy Y., Hrabanski M., Fallot A., Massardier G., Le Coq J.F.. 2019. Montpellier : CIRAD; INRA, 57 p..

The objective of the ARTIMIX project is to contribute to determining the conditions for success in the design and implementation of policy mixes for agriculture's adaptation to climate change in vulnerable tropical agricultural territories. The first phase of the project (WP1) consisted in analysing the concepts dealing with adaptation in agriculture and how they are taken into account in adaptation policies in the CC. This document presents a synthesis of part of the results of WP1 of the ARTIMIX project along two axes: 1) a mapping of national and local policies dealing with the adaptation of agriculture to climate change (AACC) and 2) an assessment of the integration of concepts dealing with AACC into national and/or territorial policies. In all three cases, combinations of instruments were identified and characterized, sometimes associated with specific interest groups or coalitions. The case-country studies clearly show which concepts have been taken up, how, by which actors and with which justifications. The text is divided into three main parts. The first is dedicated to the theoretical and methodological repositories used; the second presents a summary of the results by question and by country. The third section deals with cross-sectional or comparative analyses by issue, lessons learned and perspectives.

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