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Effect of temperature on the growth and development of quinoa plants (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.): A review on a global scale

García-Parra M.A., Roa-Acosta D.F., Stechauner-Rohringer R., García-Molano F., Bazile D., Plazas-Leguizamón N.. 2020. Sylwan, 164 (5) : p. 411-423.

The increase in temperature and constant changes in climate negatively affects the development of the plants, which has resulted in an alarming situation for many of the different crops of agricultural and food interest. In the specific case of quinoa, the investigation points to a significant loss in the productivity of the grain crop indicating differences depending on the altitudes of the areas of agriculture production and the availability of water. A current informed description of the responses regarding phonological development under stressful conditions could help us develop appropriate strategies to improve the conditions for the production of quinoa and allow us to propose cultivation of the product under environmental conditions where other products cannot survive. The main discoveries regarding this study were framed within the effect of caloric stress on the germination of quinoa seeds, their phenology, their response to different evaluated cultivars and their effects on their growth as well as their physiological and productive levels. Thus, the analysis is described based on a review of the available scientific documents available in the Scopus database and doctoral work thesis, allowing for the consolidation of the most recent investigations regarding the quinoa and their relationship with temperature.

Mots-clés : chenopodium quinoa; stress thermique; stade de développement végétal; santé des plantes; réchauffement global; physiologie végétale

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