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Limited genotypic and geographic variability of 16-O-methylated diterpene content in Coffea arabica green beans

Portaluri V., Thomas F., Guyader S., Jamin E., Bertrand B., Remaud G.S., Schievano E., Mammi S., Guercia E., Navarini L.. 2020. Food Chemistry, 329 : 7 p..

The acknowledged marker of Robusta coffee, 16-O-methylcafestol (16-OMC), can be quantified by NMR as a mixture with 16-O-methylkahweol (16-OMK), which accounts for approximately 10% of the mixture. In the present study, we detected and quantified 16-O-methylated diterpenes (16-OMD) in 248 samples of green Coffea arabica beans by NMR. We did not observe any differences between genotypes introgressed by chromosomal fragments of Robusta and non-introgressed genotypes. Environmental effects suggesting a possible protective role of 16-OMD for adaptation, as well as genotypic effects that support a high heritability of this trait were observed. Altogether, our data confirmed the presence of 16-OMD in green Arabica at a level approximately 1.5% that of a typical Robusta, endorsing the validity of 16-OMD as a marker for the presence of Robusta.

Mots-clés : génotype; spectroscopie rmn; variation génétique; coffea arabica; café vert

Thématique : Génétique et amélioration des plantes; Composition des produits alimentaires

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