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A dataset on service crop phenotypic characteristics related to their ability to deliver a set of ecological functions

Damour G., Meynard C., Lakhia S., Ramassamy M., Lakhia K., Dorel M.. 2020. Data in Brief, 31 : 8 p..

The dataset presented in this article describe 33 species or varieties of service crops cultivated in population under non-limiting conditions. The description was made at flowering. 41 variables were measured on leaves, stems, roots and seeds. They related to plant phenology (1), morphology (13), physiology (1), biochemistry (18), size (6) and reproduction (2). This dataset is made available to enable comparisons between datasets, extended analysis and meta-analysis on cover crops. The data presented in this article were partly used in the research article entitled ¿A trait-based characterization of cover plants to assess their potential to provide a set of ecological services in banana cropping systems¿ (Damour et al., 2014).

Thématique : Ecologie végétale

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